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Computer forensics is a major discipline. It's not just about computers anymore. Computer forensics, or more accurately digital investigations, involves more than just a desktop PC. Laptops, sat navs, mobile phones, digital cameras, fax machines - all have a data history which can be traced and recovered; they all tell their own story. But understanding that story and telling it in plain English needs experience and skill. The Aperio team has an enviable record and an unrivalled skill-set, honed through many years of experience.

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Aperio Digital Investigations is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, guaranteeing our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Our analysts are highly trained, certificated and competent.

We will do everything in our power to provide you with a professional, cost-effective and on time service.

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Anonymous, Director, Litigation Support:

Liam, I just wanted to pass on some feedback from our client. They have mentioned how pleased they have been with the service provided, particularly by yourself and your willingness to go the extra mile to understand their needs, infrastructure etc…


Anonymous, Litigation Support Project Manager:

Liam, just got off the phone with the client and they are delighted with the work you have done for them - thank you!


AR, Support Analyst:

Liam, many thanks for all your efforts and great customer service.


European IT Security & Compliance Manager, Large Manufacturing Unit:

Dick Peake recently helped piece together a complex chain of information from several PC's and an external website (eBay) which helped us prove employee fraud. The whole case was summed up with an expert witness statement which the police used to ob…

testimonial_liCase Studies

Case Study 7, Fraud by Employee:

Company A, a large multi-national business, received information through a ‘whistle blowing’ policy that a manager was using his budget to buy tools for his department but was actually selling them on eBay.

We located his eBay account online…


Heather Millgate, Company Director, Private Sector:

After dismissing an employee for running his own businesses during hours when he should have been working for our Company. we were subsequently taken to an industrial tribunal. To enable justice to be done we called upon the services of Dick Peake…


Brian Jones, Managing Director, RAC Renovations Ltd.:

After I tripped over the power cable and sent my laptop crashing to the floor, damaging the hard drive, I really thought I had lost all my data and I was in deep trouble. I asked around for help then Liam and Dick stepped in. Within just a few hours…


Anonymous, Head of Business Services:

Liam, I would like to thank you and your team on such a professional service. I've reinstated the files and they are fine, quite a relief actually.

testimonial_liCase Studies

Case Study 3, Data Recovery and Incident Response:

A large multi-national company had an online service which allowed customers to backup and access their data remotely. The management of the customers and their data was based on two Linux databases servers, a master and a slave for redundancy.

testimonial_liCase Studies

Case Study 1, Regulatory Body and trans-atlantic eDisclosure:

An American regulatory body became involved in litigation against a French multi- national organisation.

A litigation support company instructed us to ensure the forensic preservation of the data on laptops belonging to high level board membe…


David, IT Director:

We found using Aperio a fantastic experience. Aperio are professional, reliable and above all their rapid response and attention to detail is outstanding. Should we require this service again, Aperio will be our first call.


Matt Smith, Managing Director, Education Group:

"We needed forensic information to support an ongoing civil case against an ex employee. The work carried out was efficient and thorough and provided in the format of a report that we were then able to disclose to the courts as evidence. I would not…

testimonial_liCase Studies

Case Study 6, Unfair Dismissal Tribunal:

Company A discovered that an employee had been running his own businesses during hours when he should have been working for Company A, and dismissed him. He declined an offer of two months pay and took Company A to an industrial tribunal.


testimonial_liCase Studies

Case Study 5, Intellectual Property Theft Investigation and Email Examination:

A client suspected an employee of misconduct after noticing an unusual amount of bandwidth being used up on his email account. The user subsequently tendered his resignation.

His mailbox was checked by the client and it was found to be very e…


Chief Constable:

On 14th February 2002 a serious disturbance took place at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre in Clapham. The detainees set light to one half of the site which included accommodation blocks, administration and recreation areas, all of which burned at an al…

testimonial_liCase Studies

Case Study 2, Industrial Espionage & Intellectual Property Theft:

A large engineering and manufacturing organisation received information that highly confidential and commercially sensitive information was being passed to their main competitor.

At very short notice we assisted the appointed legal team in ac…


RB, Principal Audit Manager, CRD Audit & Performance Division, County Council:

Thanks again for dealing with our case so promptly and professionally. For information, the individual concerned has been subject disciplinary action and the case was proven.

testimonial_liCase Studies

Case Study 4, Incident Response:

A travel company (Company A) approached us to investigate a 'denial of service' (DoS) attack on their website.

They suspected their competitors of attacking their website to damage their reputation in the light of a series of advertisements t…